NSW Emergency Services Levy FINAL Update

An update on the New South Wales Emergency Services Levy (ESL) - July 2017

As you know the NSW Government announced on 30 May 2017 that it will defer until further notice the replacement of the NSW ESL with a Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) to be paid alongside council rates.

The necessary legislation allowing ESL to be reinstated on insurance premiums passed through the Upper House of the NSW Parliament on 22 June 2017 and has now become law.

As a result, Ensurance Underwriting will reinstate ESL on new and existing applicable policies. We will be implementing these rates from 12 August 2017.

The rate for NSW ESL on all our Construction risks policies will be levied at 36.5% of the material damage base premium. The application of the rate for the following transactions will be applied as follows;

✓ New Business - Any policy with an inception date on or after the 12/08/2017
✓ Renewals - Any policy with a renewal inception date on or after 12/8/2017
✓ Endorsements - Any transaction with an effective date on or after the 12/08/2017 (this includes extensions)
✓ Annual Adjustments - The rate that was applied at the most recent renewal or inception date
✓ Cancellations - The rate that was applied on the transaction that you are cancelling

We’re continuing to work with the NSW Government and the NSW ESL Insurance Monitor to ensure a smooth reintroduction of the NSW ESL. We will continue to keep you updated about any actions or changes which become necessary.

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