Ensurance and our Insurer partners are committed to providing you with a fair and efficient claims service and all our insurers and their local claims service providers pride themselves on ensuring our claimants have access to all the right tools and advice to make the claims process as smooth as possible.

Claims Procedure

Upon the discovery of any Event, Occurrence or circumstance giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim under your Policy,
You must:

  • give Ensurance Underwriting notice as soon as is reasonably practicable after You become aware of such happening;
  • take reasonable steps to prevent further loss;
  • furnish all such proof, information and declaration with respect to the claim as Ensurance or We may reasonably require;
  • at all reasonable times permit Us, Our agents or representatives to enquire into, investigate and examine the circumstances of any loss;
  • in the event of suspected criminal activity, inform the police;
  • if required, carry out repairs or make good any minor damage, but in all other cases You must give Us, Our employees, agents or representatives an opportunity to inspect the loss or damage before any repairs or alterations are effected. If no inspection is carried out by, or on behalf of Us within a period of time, which is reasonable having regard to the location of the risk, weather conditions and any other relevant factors, You may proceed with such repairs or replacement.
  • In all cases retain invoices/receipts/quotes/proof of ownership documentation.
  • In the event of a Liability claim do not admit liability and immediately forward all correspondence to Ensurance Underwriting.
  • Keep comprehensive notes of any discussions you have or have had concerning the claim or any related matter.

Claims Contact Details
For all claims you may report them directly to Ensurance Underwriting via; or by telephoning 1300 79 40 79.

A claim form is available for download from our documents downloads page or contact Ensurance Underwriting and we will forward the relevant form to you.

For liability claim forms, please contact us and we will arrange for the appropriate form to be provided to you.

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